Your balance changes every day / バランスは毎日変わる

‘I have noticed some stiffness between my shoulder blades recently, which is rather tricky to get rid of. I have to change quite a large degree of balance to give myself ease again. It is disappointing to think that I still need to change such a degree of my balance, even after having learned the Alexander Technique for long and teaching it nowadays.’
「どうも最近、肩甲骨の間のあたりが固くなりがちなのよ。これがなかなか手ごわくて、かなりバランスを変えないと、楽にならないのよ。(長年アレクサンダー・テクニークのワークをしているのに、しかも教える立場でもあるのに、)まだこんなにたくさんバランスを変える必要があるなんて、がっかり。」 Continue reading “Your balance changes every day / バランスは毎日変わる”

School Education / 学校教育

Source: website, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)
The Alexander Technique has been introduced in schools in the UK. Young people made comments about the benefit of the Alexander Technique.