The answers are within us / 答えは自分の中に

There are various reasons which make people go for taking the Alexander Technique lesson. Either to release pain or to improve some skills probably covers the majority. In other words, people usually take the lesson for sorting out what people think matters to them. I myself, in the first place, also got interested in the technique because of a similar reason as such. However, my purpose of taking the lessons became changed before long. —– ‘The lesson itself is fascinating.’

What worked on in the lesson were always very simple such as standing/ sitting/ walking. However, it always gave me something ‘new’. How I used myself affected what I experienced. My state of mind and way of thinking were manifested in my use of body. When I was able to use whole myself in harmony, I had a sense of comfort which provided lightness, freedom, and strength. It also provided a sense of relief that I did not have to either add or exclude anything.

I was captivated by the realisation that I could use what I learned from the lessons as a guidance to make my daily living abundant and uplifting. Having observed how I normally used myself and having experienced the difference between when my body and mind were in harmony and when they were not, I became able to trust that ‘the answer is already within myself’.

Knowledge from books or taught by someone and various methods including the Alexander Technique, all these things are the tools which help us realise our inner power and beauty. They help us discover the wisdom and answer that we already have within ourselves. F. M. Alexander learned how to integrate his body and mind through observing himself by using a mirror, which he developed as his technique. It was a discovery of the answer that had been within himself.
書物の知識や、人からの教えや、様々な技法は、アレクサンダー・テクニークも含めていずれも、本来の力や輝きに気づくため、自分の中にある知恵や答えを見つけるための道具であると考えています。大切なものは、既に自分の中にあるのです。このテクニークを発展させたF.M. アレクサンダーさんは、ひたすら鏡に写る自分の姿を観察することで、こころとからだの統合された使い方を学んでいったのですよ。まさに、自分の中にある答えの発見でした。

There are mainly two reasons that I choose the Alexander Technique as a tool to discover the answer within myself. The one is its simplicity. The another is it deals with both mental and physical side. Not leaving the physical side behind, our ideas, wishes, and thoughts are not remained as an illusion but become realised for us who are living here and now.