The way to understand / 理解への道のり

In the last article, I tried to explain about the Alexander Technique to people, even to a junior high school student, who don’t know anything about the technique. That is because I wanted to change my preconceived ideas that there was some difficulty to explain about the technique to people. I have been thinking if I was successful or not. I must admit that it would never be perfect if I try to explain by using only ‘words’. It would not be convincing if the physical side is missing. Because the technique is something about psycho-physical unity.

People tend to understand things based on their own thinking patterns. However, when we want to understand something unknown or something which hasn’t been experienced before, it would be hard to get them if we keep holding our own thinking patterns. Because the thinking pattern itself could be different in other things. Unless we stop holding our own patterns, the new things would not come to us.

Then, how could we give up holding our own thinking patterns? One of the way to overcome, I think, is to get to know different patterns from our own. Meeting other people, getting to know their different opinion and culture encourage us to see our own patterns. When we become able to see our own thinking patterns, we will be able to have freedom of new choice.

This has very much something to do with the Alexander Technique. In private lessons, students are guided to stop their habitual pattern of use. In this case, teacher’s instructions by both manual and verbal will support them to stop their habitual way of using themselves. When we start seeing how we have been doing, we will be able to access our hidden possibility.