What is the Alexander Technique? / アレクサンダー・テクニークとは

Someone asked me, ‘Can you explain the Alexander Technique as easy as a junior high school student will understand?’. The technique has been explained here, but I would like to try with different words today to see if I am able to meet his request.

The Alexander Technique is a method which enables us to use ourselves in easier/freer/lighter ways when we do some activities. Activities can be various things such as housework/carrying stuff/playing a musical instrument/giving a presentation.

For instance, if you regularly do some supports (ex. playing tennis, running, swimming), you may notice there are both times you do very well and times you do not. It is always you who do things but you get different results. When you do well, it is probably the time you use yourself better than the time you do not. In order to use yourself constantly better, the Alexander Technique will re-educate the use of yourself.

The technique is mostly learnt through one-to-one lessons. Working with simple movements such as standing/sitting/walking, students will take a look at their usual use of themselves. This will lead them to discover new choices that they function as a whole. When they become able to use themselves easier/freer in the simple movements, they will naturally be able to do so in more complex activities such as sports/performances/giving presentations as well.

I was hoping my preconceived thought that it was difficult to explain the technique to people would be changed. I appreciate that I was given this opportunity to try to explain the technique to ‘a junior high school student’. It would be a good idea to try it from time to time.