Your balance changes every day / バランスは毎日変わる

‘I have noticed some stiffness between my shoulder blades recently, which is rather tricky to get rid of. I have to change quite a large degree of balance to give myself ease again. It is disappointing to think that I still need to change such a degree of my balance, even after having learned the Alexander Technique for long and teaching it nowadays.’

This was my confession to Eriko-san, who teaches the Alexander Technique in Tokyo.

What she responded to me was:

‘Our balance changes every day. As we get older, our physical status also changes significantly. We have to change our balance for ease all the time, otherwise we will get pain or annoying habits. We have to work on ourselves for the rest of our life.’

‘Yes, yes, indeed.’

Our easer and freer balance changes every day, or even every moment.
I did know it, but her comment gave me a realisation of the core of the Alexander Technique.

‘Posture with ease’ is not like a biscuit mold, which is fixed forever. It cannot be reserved as a form. The only way to maintain ease in your posture is to keep choosing easer/freer balance in every moment. What a job to be ‘alive’!